Man’s side hustle goes viral betting strangers he can chug beer faster than them

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker chugs beer in viral side hustle

The best beer chugger in New England is being dubbed a “genius” for a side hustle where he bets people he can finish his beer faster than they can.

With great power comes great responsibility and one man is using his unique talent to make money by challenging strangers to a beer-chugging competition at a tailgate.

Ronny Doitche is considered New England’s top beer chugger and found no better place to capitalize on this than right before an NFL game between the Patriots and the Los Angeles Chargers.

In a viral TikTok, Doitche set up a booth with a sign that read, “$100 to your $20, I can chug a Friday beer faster than you. Change my mind.” Some people were bold enough to take him up on the challenge only to be utterly destroyed.

Man downs 22 beers in must-see tailgate side hustle

Throughout the video, competitors showed up to the booth with $20 to partake in the challenge only to be completely outmatched by Doitche’s skills.

Not only would he finish his Miller Lite in a split second, he would down it a lot cleaner than the others, who had beer dripping down their faces.

In total, Doitche earned $440, meaning he slammed back a whopping 22 beers during the pregame and remained standing.

The viral clip has since been viewed a whopping 20 million times and viewers are losing their minds at the stunt, calling it “genius.”

“That’s a pretty wicked side hustle,” one user praised.

“$20 beer still cheaper than in the stadium,” another joked.

One user even asked if it was “possible to learn this power” to which Doitche recommended practicing over the sink.

Getting paid to drink beer is one of the top dream jobs a guy can have, so we have to give it up to Ronny for making the most out of his beer-chugging prowess.

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