What is TikTok’s T27 Christmas Tree? Users obsessed with viral tree

T27 Christmas tree lit up in different ways on TikTok videosTikTok

TikTok users have become obsessed with a Christmas tree that has all the trimmings necessary to get a house into the holiday spirit, but it appears hard to actually get your hands on. 

While TikTok has become known as the palace for new dance and music-centered trends, they’re not the only things that go viral on the short-form video platform. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many TikTokers rave about products they’ve bought and started using in their everyday lives. This has ranged from pants, to make-up products, and even kitchen utensils. 

However, with the holiday season right around the corner, there is a brand-new item that is sweeping across the app – the T27 Christmas Tree. However, it’s already proving difficult to get ahold of. 

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Where to get TikTok’s T27 Christmas Tree

Now, you might be thinking, why is a Christmas tree going viral on TikTok? Well, this T27 Christmas Tree is a bit different from your normal ones. 

No, it’s not an organic tree or anything like that, it’s an artificial one. However, it comes pre-built with pretty much all the lights and trimmings that you need on a Christmas tree. Well, except for your favorite tree topper. While that’s not a new thing, this one does look pretty classy compared to some of the others. 

TikToker mermaid1723 was amongst the first to post a video of the tree, and her post has quickly gained some steam, with a few hundred thousand views already coming in. She revealed that she’d gotten it at Home Depot, but it was actually sold out when she checked again. 

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“I don’t need another tree but… now I might. what’s a 6th tree gonna hurt,” commented one impressed viewer. “I’ve never seen a tree so pretty it didn’t need ornaments on it. Wow,” added another. 

Some viewers weren’t blown away by the 2250 led-strong tree, questioning why exactly everyone has become obsessed with it. What is so special about this tree, looks like any other $99 tree,” added another. 

As noted, the T27 Christmas Tree is being stocked by Home Depot in the United States, so you might want to check out your local store if you’re interested. Otherwise, it remains sold out

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