Husband under fire for refusing to eat wife’s home-cooked meal

TheMamaBrianna and her husband as seen in her TikTokTikTok: @themamabrianna

TikToker TheMamaBrianna uploaded a video showcasing cooking for her husband who seems to be a picky eater, a trait for which the man was heavily criticized under the TikTok in question.

In a viral April 26 TikTok video with almost 2 million views, @themamabrianna shared that her husband refused to eat a dinner prepared by her, so Brianna needed to whip him up some nachos.

In one of the captions of the video Brianna explains “If I don’t feed him, he literally won’t eat,” and that it used to irritate her but now she “blames his mother for never making him try salmon.”

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The video went viral precisely because of the attitude of Brianna’s husband, as described in her story and shown in the video when she hands him the plate at the very beginning. Many came to see the TikTok and voice their grievances with her husband.

TikTok reacts to the husband refusing to eat his wife’s dinner

TikTok users in the comments were livid about the fact that Brianna must cook for her husband, as according to the captions in the video he never cooks and will just not eat if not served dinner.

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“If my man refused to eat a dinner I made him, I’d never cook for him again,” one user wrote. Another viewer with a similar sentiment commented: “There ain’t no way, boy can make his own food if he doesn’t like what I cooked lol.”

Some other users took jabs at the husband and his attitude toward his wife.

“The man’s own hairline didn’t stick by him, but you did,” points out one person. Another comment reads: “It got worse with him wrapped in the blanket being served.”

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Some users have speculated that her content might be satirical since Brianna leaned into making content where she portrays her husband as in a similar light right after this viral video. However, it’s as of yet unclear. For more viral videos and stories surrounding TikTok, be sure to check out our coverage on Dexerto.

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