OnlyFans model shares TikTok of police arresting her for “indecent exposure in public”

tiktoker arrested liveTikTok/jaadenthesoulsnatcher

An OnlyFans model on TikTok shared the moment police came to her home to arrest her for indecent exposure after making a spicy video in public.

TikToker and OnlyFans star Jaaden Kryelle was warned to be careful about where she filmed her content, but it seems like those warnings fell on deaf ears with the creator claiming she was “locked up.”

In a video uploaded earlier in November, a teary-eyed Kryelle issued a PSA to her fellow OnlyFans creators to be careful about where they film after her past came back to haunt her.

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“I learned my lesson,” she explained in text. “For everyone always telling me I’m going to regret it, you were right.”

Following this, the TikToker began to pull a possible police report out of an envelope that contained “sensitive data” before showing footage of cops coming into her home.

In the security camera video, an officer from the Los Angeles police department showed up with a warrant for her arrest, saying it was for “lewd acts” and “indecent exposure in public.”

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Shortly thereafter, the TikToker was read her Miranda rights and handcuffed with the video ending right then and there.

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Police arrest TikToker for “lewd acts”

The incident in question seems to stem from a video Kryelle posted where she engaged in a spicy act on a public beach.

“5 people caught us and I didn’t stop once but they stopped to watch. A preschool teacher offered to record for us and I couldn’t turn her down,” she claimed.

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Despite the arrest, the creator remains in good spirits, even finding some entertainment in reading the comments posted on her TikTok.

“Someone commented under the video of me being arrested saying ‘now we can complete the NNN challenge in peace,’” she joked and added some laughing emojis for good measure.

The TikToker didn’t go into detail surrounding the arrest or her bail and it’s possible this is all just a stunt. In any case, hopefully she’s learned her lesson and won’t be filming in public again.

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