Megan Fox lookalike keeps getting bizarre Transformers requests on OnlyFans

onlyfans model looks like megan foxInstagram/_lifeoftaylor

A Megan Fox lookalike who quit her day job to become an OnlyFans model has revealed the strangest requests subscribers ask for, and a lot have to do with Transformers.

As far as attractive celebrities go, Megan Fox is a dream babe for many with millions of fans worldwide wishing they were in Machine Gun Kelly’s situation, for the most part. Now, one model turned her Fox-like appearance to the ultimate advantage.

25-year-old Taylor Ryan has been using her good looks to get an edge over others in the OnlyFans space by quitting her barista job to go full-time on the adult platform.

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At the moment, she’s making over $30,000 a month, which would be considered a good-size tip for a full crew on Below Deck! Speaking with Daily Mail, Ryan revealed the videos some fans ask her to make and they’re downright wild.

OnlyFans model reveals the Megan Fox fantasies she helps create

According to Taylor Ryan, a fan once paid her $300 to recreate a scene from Michael Bay’s Transformers movie.

“Once someone requested for me to wear the same outfit Megan Fox wears – a bra top and short denim shorts – to bend over the bonnet and open it. They paid $300,” she said.

The model went on to add that cars often play a big factor in her requests and they’re about as wacky as you’d expect.

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megan fox onlyfans lookalikeInstagram/_lifeoftaylor
Taylor Ryan is making a fortune as a Megan Fox lookalike.

“A lot of them are just for me to sit in a car topless and play with my boobs,” she added.

And although she loves her job and the money she’s making, sometimes she’s up until 4 AM working. Still, that hasn’t stopped her from trying to help others in her line of work.

“I created [my company] SX creators to teach creators how to be successful on OnlyFans,” she explained. “It shows them how to do social media marketing and how to be a creator.”

On the bright side, it doesn’t seem like anyone has asked her to act out scenes from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as April O’Neil… yet.

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