Woman sparks viral debate after wearing revealing outfit to the movies

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker and onlyfans model Indi Jung wears revealing dress to movies

An OnlyFans model has caused quite the debate online after she posted a viral TikTok where she went to the movies in a revealing outfit.

It seems like everyone is going to the movies this summer with the success of The Barbie Movie and Oppenheimer dominating the big screen.

Indi Jung was one such moviegoer who flocked to the cinema to check out the new hit flicks, but her trip is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In a video going viral, the OnlyFans star sparked backlash after she decided to wear quite the revealing dress with no underwear to the pictures resulting in a major debate breaking out.

OnlyFans model under fire going to cinema in very revealing outfit

In the short 9 second TikTok clip, Indi Jung can be seen paying for (likely overpriced) food by the concessions while her flowing dress barely hides her otherwise exposed bum.

The clip of Jung soon spread to Twitter where many users debated whether or not she should be allowed to wear the provocative attire to the public cinema.

“If I looked that good, I would be wearing that outfit to the dentist, to the grocery store, to church, to the mailbox, etc lol,” one user joked.

“I think she is beautiful! Maybe the outfit would be more appropriate elsewhere,” another remarked, trying to find a middle ground.

Others, however, were a lot more ruthless. One replied, “Have a little class. Still will look fire with some more clothes on.”

This isn’t the only wild movie drama this summer. Earlier in July, women got into a fight at Barbie after a mom reportedly let their child watch YouTube videos throughout the film.