Oliver Tree reveals his plan to fight both Logan Paul & Jake Paul

Zackerie Fairfax
oliver tree vs jake and logan paul

Oliver Tree’s spicy personality has led to altercations with several online personalities, and he recently revealed his plan to fight both Jake Paul and Logan Paul in a WWE tag team match.

Logan Paul and Oliver Tree have a bit of a hostile history. During his appearance on the Impaulsive podcast on March 1, 2022, Oliver roasted Paul, stormed off twice, and even challenged Logan to a WWE fight.

Their feud would continue as Logan Paul posted a TikTok with the caption “I DON’T LIKE OLIVER TREE”. The video showed clips of the two going back and forth on social media, Paul taking over one of Oliver’s live shows, and the two wrestling on stage in front of a crowd.

Oliver would later issue a challenge to box Logan Paul on June 29. But as the date drew near, there was no word of a possible match. However, a fight between the two isn’t completely off the table as Oliver Tree recently revealed his plans to fight both Paul brothers.

Oliver Tree plans to fight Logan & Jake Paul

In an interview with Dexerto, we asked Tree whether he was serious about fighting Logan Paul in the WWE. The two have had a close encounter at a WWE event in the past as Tree bought ringside tickets and help up multiple signs insulting Paul during his fight.

Tree answered, “I’m actually… I’m not allowed to say too much, but it’s something I’m working on, and I would destroy that dude in the ring.”

He mentioned the video where Logan tackled him on stage during a live show, but stated it wasn’t a fair fight. “He snuck up on me. Got while I was performing. It was in his hometown, he had the home court advantage. I’d like to take him 1-on-1 in a fair setting.”

Oliver then went on to reveal his plans for an even greater fight. “I would call in for a tag team, and bring in some of my crew. Maybe me and some of my fans versus him and his weasel little brother.”

oliver tree getting kicked by jake paul
Oliver Tree believes he could beat Logan Paul in a 1-on-1 WWE match

“I don’t support violence,” Oliver clarified, “but there’s a time and place for everything. And when you have a proper wrestling ring, sometimes it goes down.”

He also gave props to Logan stating, “I will say, he’s getting better. I’m impressed by some of the new moves he’s learning.” But Oliver claims this matchup would be the “final chapter” for WWE.