Oliver Tree challenges Logan Paul to boxing match after heated podcast appearance


Oliver Tree has challenged Logan Paul to a boxing match on Twitter – just days after walking off the Impaulsive podcast due to a heated argument on the show.

YouTube star Logan Paul welcomed Tree onto his popular Impaulsive podcast on March 1, 2022, where they discussed a variety of topics. However, this show came to an abrupt end with Tree walking off due to a disagreement on whose sports drink was better.

The tension between the singer and Paul started after he had asked co-host George Janko’s dad to compare Paul’s sports drink brand Prime, and Tree’s  parody drink called “Slime.”

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“F**k this show, It’s f**king rigged,” Tree said at the time. “You’re paying this kid’s son and f**king dad for this sh*t,” he yelled while walking off the Impaulsive set.

Now, the beef has continued online with Tree challenging Paul to a boxing match.

Oliver Tree challenges Logan Paul to boxing match

On March 7, 2022, Tree performed a set in Toronto, Canada, where Paul took the stage to beef with Tree.

A 25-second video was uploaded to the singer’s Twitter with the caption: “I’m challenging you to a boxing match June 29th.”

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The video also showed his fans chanting “f**k Logan Paul” right before being tackled by the YouTuber.

“Fuck Oliver Tree…He thinks he knows what the f**k’s up,” Paul said during the musician’s set, before being chased off by security.

While from a fan’s perspective the drama looked extensively real, a second video was posted by Tree showing the YouTuber dressed as him performing the singer’s hit song “Life Goes On.”

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As a result, it is unclear whether or not the 29-year-old singer was serious about fighting Paul, as Tree continues his “Cowboy Tiers” tour.

Lately, Paul has been tied to Floyd Mayweather for a potential boxing match. While Tree could now be in the mix, there’s no telling for certain who his next opponent may be.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here with any further developments.

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