OfflineTV’s Michael Reeves finally returns to YouTube with crazy ‘peeing’ robot

Michael Reeves OfflineTV with peeing robotYouTube: Michael Reeves

OfflineTV’s mad scientist Michael Reeves has returned to YouTube after a hiatus of seven months, and showed off an innovative new way of serving drinks using a robot dog.

Michael Reeves is best known for his crazy inventions, where he creates gadgets that do things normal people wouldn’t even contemplate. In the past, Reeves has constructed everything from a racist Tickle Me Elmo to a baby that shoots lasers.

After his YouTube success, Reeves joined OfflineTV as its seventh member back in December 2019 after multiple guest appearances on their streams. Reeves’ personal channel has amassed over 5.8 million subscribers.

However, the OTV robotics expert hadn’t uploaded on this channel for over 6 months, and teased his return to fans on Twitter on April 7. Two days later, he returned in classic Michael Reeves fashion.

On April 9, Reeves ended a seven-month YouTube hiatus by revealing his latest hair-brained scheme featuring a robot dog, beer, and a $30 security camera.

The idea was to create a hands-free, movement-free method of refilling cups with beer. Michael designed a pressure pump, complete with a mechanical phallus, and mounted it on the dog. The dog was then programmed to stand over and ‘urinate’ beer directly into any red cup.

Reeves had actually teased this insane idea way back in July 2020 in a video with fellow OTV member Disguised Toast. The group collectively forked out over $70k to buy this high-tech robot dog in October after the robot’s manufacturer, Boston Dynamics, refused to send him one for free.

Michael Reeves explains YouTube upload plans

In this latest video, Reeves explained his plans to begin uploading on his personal YouTube channel more often, after dedicating much of his hiatus to streaming Minecraft on Twitch and producing content for the flagship OTV YouTube channel.

“I haven’t made a video in a while, and I kind of miss it,” he admitted. “So I’m looking forward to making more, ideally without the six month break in between.

“But no guarantees; the new Minecraft update looks pretty sick, so I might be busy with that for a bit.”

YouTube: Michael ReevesMichael Reeves joined OfflineTV in December 2019 after months of speculation.

Fans were delighted to see Reeves back in his element, with this new video accumulating over two million views less than 24 hours after being uploaded.

Fellow OfflineTV member Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys reacted to Reeves’ ‘peeing robot dog’ video live on her stream, and explained how producing this kind of content shows him at his happiest.

“There’s only three things that make him smile like this,” she said. “[his girlfriend] Lily, [their dog] Temmie, and some form of frightening mechanical engineering advancement.”

Either way, the crazy engineer’s return will be welcomed by fans who have missed his perfect mixture of comedy and technical ingenuity.