Nyanners joins Mythic Talent following VShojo exit

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Nyanners vtuber model next to Mythic logo with company colors in background

Vtuber Nyanners has joined Mythic Talent two days after her exit from VShojo was announced.

On May 1, VShojo revealed that Nyanners had not renewed her contract. This saw the Vtuber become an independent content creator alongside Silvervale and Veibae who also left VShojo on April 26.

Nyanners would later clarify why she chose to leave VShojo stating that she wanted to be “in charge,” of her own content.

Now the catgirl Vtuber has confirmed the next step on her journey signing with Mythic, a talent company that allows her to continue operating independently.

Nyanners signs with Mythic Talent

The official Mythic Talent Twitter account confirmed its latest addition to the team, with Vtuber Nyanners joining on May 3.

The announcement tweet reads: “She stays up after bedtime to play Xbox, evades any and all taxes, and definitely isn’t cringe! Everyone welcome NyanNyanners to the Mythic fam!”

Nyanners responded to the announcement thanking Mythic: “Thank you so much for having me!!!! Please don’t tell the IRS.”

Mythic Talent was established in February 2023 and prides itself on being creator first. It was co-founded by OTKNetwork owners Asmongold and TipsOut to empower creators and give them the tools to fulfill their goals.

Mythic Talent is a talent management company that assists content creators in several different ways. They source deals, assist in contract negotiations during sponsorships, and provide managers for their members.

Unlike some Vtuber agencies like Hololive and Nijisanji, Mythic does not manage or control any of the content of its members or own the rights to its members’ models and other unique IPs.

Although Mythic isn’t exclusive to Vtubers, several notable independent Vtubers are signed with them. Some examples include Shylily, Filian, and Saruei. There’s even another ex-VShojo member already on board as Veibae joined Mythic in March 2023.

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