VTuber Awards 2023: Start date, event information, more

The VTuber Awards cermoney logo as revealed in Filian's announcement.Filian

The VTuber Awards have been announced giving the community an opportunity to celebrate the best it has to offer. Here is everything you need to know about the Vtuber Awards 2023.

VTuber culture has been growing rapidly ever since the pioneers of the industry first rose. The likes of Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, and Mirai Akari pathed the way for Hololive and Nijisanji to later rise and establish a new form of content creation.

Despite the prevalence of VTubers, there have been limited opportunities to celebrate them on a large scale with a single category in The Streamer Awards being the highlight.

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However, that will be changing soon with the arrival of a new dedicated VTuber Awards 2023 giving the community a chance to honor the best in the business.


When are the VTuber Awards 2023?

The VTuber Awards will begin in December 2023. It promises to be an inclusive award show that everyone can take part in as long as they’re a VTuber or involved in VTuber culture.

The exact start time of the event hasn’t been revealed yet. With the award show still being months away you can expect more information on the VTuber Awards start time in the future.

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Who is hosting the VTuber Awards?

The VTuber Awards are being hosted by Filian, a popular independent VTuber in collaboration with Mythic Talent, a talent management company founded by OTK members Asmongold and TipsOut.

You’ll be able to watch the VTuber Awards on Filian’s official Twitch channel where it will be streamed from beginning to end.

Everything we know about the VTuber Awards

Following the announcement, Dexerto got the opportunity to speak to Fillian and Mythic Talent CEO William Lucas. In this interview, some exclusive information was revealed about the VTuber Awards 2023.

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Filian revealed that the goal for the VTuber Awards is to “cover a wide scope of VTubers,” with potential categories including Best Small Creator, Best Large Creator, Rising Star, and VTuber of the Year.

The VTuber Awards may also incorporate multiple cultures with plans for English, Japanese, and other languages being considered. Equally, Filian wants the show to cover both corporate and independent Vtubers giving everyone a chance to participate.

The hope is that it will be a large-scale event featuring red-carpet interviews, a wide range of inclusive categories, and partnerships with different agencies to show off VTuber technology, debut teasers, and more.

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VTuber Awards announcement

Filian announced the upcoming VTuber Awards on her Twitter account. Her announcement revealed some early details about the event including her goal to “bring the entire VTubing community together.”

That’s everything we know so far about The VTuber Awards 2023. However, it’s still early days and we’ll provide an update when more is revealed.

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