Nijisanji EN unveils three new VTubers debuting this weekend

Kurt Perry
Nijisanji EN ninth generation line-up featuring three VTuber Livers.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nijisanji EN has revealed three new VTubers will make their debuts this weekend and join its ever-growing roster of Livers.

It’s no secret that several Nijisanji members have opted out of in 2023 but that doesn’t mean its the agency’s overall numbers are shrinking.

While the likes of Mysta Rias and Nina Kosaka have moved on and Mika Melatika will join them before the end of the year, Nijisanji has debuted Idios, Orients, and Dytica in the Japanese branch and Krisis on the EN side.

Now the successful VTuber company is looking to expand its ranks further with the introduction of three new Livers for EN fans to enjoy.

A New Nijisanji EN VTuber wave is here

Nijisanji EN has added three new talents to its roster: Claude Clawmark, Victoria Brightshield, and Kunai Nakasato.

These three Livers will join forces to form the English branch’s ninth wave and first since Krisis debuted in June 2023. Unlike previous generations, the new wave is currently unnamed leaving fans to speculate.

Nijisanji provided a snippet of each talent’s background to give fans an idea of what to expect:

  • Claude Clawmark: “A cleric who studies magic while providing healing to visitors. His gigantic magical gloves are the tools of his trade, which he wields with great skill.”
  • Victoria Brightshield: “A swordmaster who set out on an adventure by herself. Donning the magical armor she inherited from her family, she helps those in need while polishing her skills with the sword.”
  • Kunai Nakasato: “A kunoichi who hides her true identity with a magic mask. She protects the peace of the city night after night, and it wasn’t long before she was named after her Kunai weapons.”

The sudden announcement was accompanied by the reveal of when their debuts will occur on their respective channels. Each Livers debut is set to start at the following time:

  • Kunai Nakasato: October 27, 19:10 PDT – October 28, 02:10 UTC – October 28, 11:10 JST
  • Victoria Brightshield: October 27, 19:40 PDT – October 28, 02:40 UTC – October 28, 11:40 JST
  • Claude Clawmark: October 27, 20:10 PDT – October 28, 03:10 UTC – October 28, 12:10 JST

Fans will be treated by Australian duo Maria Marionette and Luca Kaneshiro reacting to the new gen’s debuts on the official Nijisanji EN YouTube channel.

In addition to reacting to the debuts themselves, the duo will also be interviewing Nijisanjii’s new VTubers on the Debut Streaming Program.