Twitch streamer Elle Grenn banned from NoPixel GTA RP after metagaming accusations

Calum Patterson
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Popular Twitch streamer Elle Grenn has been permabanned from the NoPixel GTA RP server, after an incident in which she accused NoPixel staff of “metagaming.” Grenn’s character, Sofia Castellano, was well-known, but also notorious in the server, and has faced bans in the past.

Metagaming in GTA RP is whenever a player uses out-of-character information in-game, while in character. It is banned to prevent the roleplay being interrupted or spoiled entirely by outside information informing a characters’ decisions or speech.

In order to maintain the roleplay as best as possible, players found to be metagaming are often dealt bans, and repeated instances can result in a permaban.

However, Grenn’s character, Sofia, appears to have been banned for accusing others of metagaming, specifically NoPixel staff.

Why was Sofia banned from NoPixel?

On November 3, Grenn’s character was involved in an awkward encounter with ‘Locksley’, a character played by a member of NoPixel staff.

During the clip, an argument ensues, and at one point Sofia says “I’m going to do my very best to try to roleplay this out.”

Later, Elle claims, “Locksley basically ‘metagamed’ the entire incident.”

Following the stream, Elle Grenn confirmed she had been permabanned. In a now-deleted tweet, she wrote “Yesterday, some of the RP that took place was solely based on meta information that shouldn’t have been out. I was really upset about this as it cut a lot of the RP with the PD completely out, so we tried to RP fix it.

“Today I got perma’d for it? Nice.”

ellegrenn NoPixel ban tweet

Grenn continued in a follow-up tweet: “I guess when meta gaming happens blatantly to help one side and f**k the other, I am not supposed to say anything about it.”

Elle Grenn has almost 30,000 followers on her Twitch account, where her content is almost exclusively GTA RP. Until the ban can be resolved, it might cause her to take a break from streaming also.

Dexerto has reached out to Grenn for comment. A further response to the ban is expected.

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