TSM Myth hints at unionization for pro Fortnite players

Alan Bernal

Epic Games famously committed millions of dollars for pro competitions around Fortnite but deteriorated conditions around the esport has gotten to the point where one player feels it might be time to coordinate a union for the talent.

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Fortnite has thus far enjoyed a prolific audience for its first year of tournaments but the pros associated with the esport have repeatedly shared concerns with how the competitions have been handled, leading to a purposed guild to protect players’ interests.

Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has expressed his concerns with the progression of the Fortnite esports scene and is considering a unionizing effort to protect the talent from what he sees as a growing problem.

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Myth has been one of the more vocal pros against the questionable choices employed by Fortnite tournaments and it seems that all of those transgressions might amount to something in the future.

“I’m really really really considering starting some sort of Fortnite pro union,” Myth said. “I don’t think I wanna sit idle while letting shit progressively get worse when it comes to player treatment and competitive integrity.”

The “shit” that the 19-year-old American is talking about could encompass issues regarding scheduling, fair conditions for competitors, and untimely updates to the game before major competitions.

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Myth’s criticism was met with overwhelming support from the community who has seen pros like himself struggle to stay competitive due to unseemly occurrences surrounding events.

With Fortnite going all out to harbor in the new year, Myth might think it’s high time for players to take control of their own future around this game.

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