Ninja’s best Twitch moments brought back for his 30th birthday

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Twitch powerhouse Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has seen some of his best streaming moments remembered for his 30th birthday, and it’s a reminder of how he rose to the the very top. 

Ninja’s rise to prominence alongside Fortnite was nothing short of spectacular. His top-tier gameplay was paired with an explosive yet likeable personality, and Twitch saw multiple records blitzed on his ascent to streaming stardom.

While it hasn’t always been plain sailing – a temporary move to the failed platform Mixer stands out as a misstep (albeit a lucrative one) – Ninja has returned to Twitch and continues to be one of the most popular creators in the world. 

He celebrated his 30th birthday on June 5 and, to celebrate, a host of his most infamous streaming moments were brought back for our entertainment. Some have become internet folklore, while others might have just slipped under your radar.

First off, shared by close friend Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo, there was the time Ninja showed us all his best dance moves, managing to move his frame in a way none of us thought possible.

Next is the clip you probably knew was going to be on this list – the H1Z1 rage that became internet legend. After killing an enemy, proximity chat allowed an anonymous kid to throw pejoratives the way of Ninja, and it’s fair to say they didn’t go down too well with the streamer.

Some of Ninja’s less auspicious moments were shared, too. Who can forget the time he got on stage in front of a New York crowd, bizarrely demanding to see more movement and flossing enthusiastically at a baffled crowd. Not us.

We were even reminded of when he felt compelled to remind his viewers *not* to send him their “d**k pics”, before undermining his own message in truly hilarious fashion.

There were also times when Ninja thanked his audience – like this incredible moment putting a subscriber on the ‘thank you’ board.

Whatever your memories of Ninja, his time streaming has brought us moments of hilarity among some top-tier gameplay. He’s a streaming legend for a reason.

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