Ninja welcomes in 2020 by poking fun at his infamous 2018 New Year dance

Twitter: Ninja / Twitch: Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has welcomed in the new year by reflecting on his moment of fame — and embarrassment — at Times Square in 2018, remaking the iconic floss video at home.

Ninja’s floss at Times Square for New Years in 2018 was not the way to start his 2019 off right. With millions of New Yorkers standing in the rain for the ball drop, the Fortnite star tried to get them moving, but to no avail.

Not the one to be kept feeling down by such moments, he’s relieved it to bring in 2020 by uploading a tongue-in-cheek video remaking the unforgettable moment.

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Twitter: NinjaNinja’s floss couldn’t raise the mood of the drenched New York crowd in 2018.

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In a video posted on December 31, Ninja set out to repeat his Times Square floss dance in front of a few less people — his rather disinterested family.

“Welp, this year wasn’t any different than the last,” he said on Twitter, even though he said that this year’s floss was “going to be different.” However, not even the iconic line of “I’m not seeing enough movement” could motivate his family into joining him doing the popular Fortnite dance.

The tweet has spread like wildfire on New Year’s Eve, garnering the attention of millions of users, and a lot of laughs as Ninja looked back at one of his more awkward moments from the year.

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The video was posted on the one-year anniversary of the now-infamous clip of Ninja at Times Square celebrating New Year’s Eve with a miserable New York crowd trying to avoid the rain below. 

It stands as one of Twitch’s most viewed clips at almost two million views, and while the moment was embarrassing at the time, Ninja has learned to embrace it as time’s worn on. 

“Word of advice. Don’t try to get one million New Yorkers to dance in the rain on New Years,” he said in a tweet hours into 2019. “Trust me.”

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Ninja isn’t spending New Years on the big stage this year, instead spending it with his family. The streamer has been able to take a bit of a break over the holiday season after signing with Mixer, not having to worry about streaming to get subs across the last couple of weeks.

However, most importantly, he’s made sure to start his 2020 right by leaving the New Years’ floss in the past.