xQc NYE stream delayed after accidentally revealing IP live on Twitch

Andrew Amos
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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s New Year’s Eve celebrations were delayed after the streamer accidentally shared his IP to tens of thousands of viewers, leading to a suspected DDoS attack.

xQc was planning on celebrating the new decade with his chat by his side. However, his plans were thwarted after the unsuspecting streamer accidentally shared his IP live on stream, leading to a spam of attacks on his network.

The streamer managed to keep the broadcast up for 30 minutes before being taken off due to internet going down, forcing the streamer to find a quick-fire solution just as the new year was about to be seen in.

Twitch: xQcxQc has been left frustrated over recent internet issues delaying his NYE stream.

About 10 minutes into his NYE stream he brought up his network settings to try and figure out why his internet was slow. However, in doing so, he accidentally shared his IP to over 10,000 viewers.

While his chat spammed the fact that he leaked his IP, the streamer became fed up, lashing out into the void. “It’s not even a new thing dude, guys what is wrong with you? It’s not a leak, you’re just dumb dude.”

He had no issues for about 20 minutes, before his stream was abruptly taken offline as he was discussing with chat how to solve the problem.

xQc has been struggling with internet issues for quite some time, with the streamer noting that his internet provider AT&T isn’t helping him as much as he’d hoped for.

“I apologize for bait streams, I am trying my best to salvage the situation but AT&T is absolutely trolling me even after spending three hours with them on the phone.

Usually internet providers can remotely change a user’s IP address, or the IP will change constantly over time, but according to xQc, he has to shell out for a new connection or modem.

“AT&T is unable by any means to give or change my public IP address unless they give me a complete new connection or change my modem physically,” he said.

It comes after xQc had to cancel his December 30 stream early due to a “technical problem” with his internet. He said that he would “make up for it with a juicier stream tomorrow,” but the same problems have plagued him 24 hours later.

He did manage to get his stream back up and running before midnight ticked over in Austin. He did have to run over to Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein’s place to do so, but he managed to go live just in time.

He celebrated with a bit of champagne with his chat as he reminisced on the year that was, hopefully leaving the internet issues behind him in 2019.

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