Ninja roasts Dr Disrespect for Twitch ban following E3 bathroom stream

Virginia Glaze

Popular Fortnite Battle Royale star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins isn’t letting him live it down.

Ninja Tweeted about his new collectible toy line on June 14, which he’d found during a trip to Walmart.

While Blevins was understandably excited by the find, Dr Disrespect saw the opportunity to make a good-natured jab at the merchandise, sending a humorous Tweet in reply to the photos.

“Where do I find these?” the Doc wrote. “Next to My Little Pony or Barbie?”

Of course, Ninja isn’t one to be outdone, and quickly turned the tide on the Two-Time by referencing his recent E3 and Twitch bans in light of his bathroom broadcast scandal.

“Nah, they are next to the bathrooms,” he replied.

Ninja’s scathing response was met with hilarious reactions from users across the net, with the likes of popular streamer Dakotaz uploading a series of humorous gifs in response to the Twitter “beef.”

“I’ll stream it,” streamer TimTheTatMan replied, further referencing the Doc’s TOS breach.

The Doc continued to take shots at Ninja despite this blow, writing, “Nice haircut,” in reference to the streamer’s new half-pink, half-blue hairdo.

“At least mine’s real,” Ninja shot back, citing Dr Disrespect’s “character,” who sports an obvious black wig along with his reflective sunglasses and false mustache.

This hilarious interaction between the streamers follows Dr Disrespect’s ban from Twitch, which occurred during his very first IRL broadcast.

However, things didn’t pan out as planned for the Two-Time: instead, he was kicked out of E3, after breaking California law by filming in a public restroom (which, luckily, didn’t show any nudity – or minors, for that matter).

While the Doc has since teased a video discussing the incident, it has yet to be uploaded as of June 14 – although he did mention that his manager had been “fired” in his Tweet announcing the upcoming upload.

Both Ninja and Dr Disrespect are some of Twitch’s top talent, with Ninja boasting over 14 million followers on the platform.

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