Dr Disrespect gives first response following E3 Twitch ban

Virginia Glaze

Massively popular Twitch streamer and gamer ‘Dr Disrespect’ was banned from both Twitch and E3, after livestreaming inside of a bathroom at the annual event – and now, he’s finally spoken out on the issue.

The Doc published a Tweet discussing the debacle on June 13, claiming that his director had been let go in wake of the incident.

Writing that “mishaps lead to recaps,” he also teased a “full video” on the subject soon, although an exact date for the upload has yet to be revealed.

Footage from the upcoming video shows what looks to be a recap of the Doc’s day at E3, featuring hilarious interactions with fans.

However, his stay at the event was cut short, after he streamed the inside of a public bathroom, ultimately leading to his ban from Twitch – as well as E3 itself, with Kotaku confirming that his pass had been revoked in response to the scandal (a clear breach of California law).

Click here to watch the clip on Streamable.

While the two-time has earned ample backlash for the incident, he might not take the brunt of the punishment, which could entail time in prison: his cameraman is also facing scrutiny, with both streaming in bathroom multiple times throughout their stay at E3.

Footage of the slip-up also shows what appears to be a minor, which could bring even more trouble to both the Doc and his cameraman.

Click here to watch the video on Streamable.

While most first-time offenses on Twitch result in a 24-hour ban, the Doc is still locked in livestreaming jail, with his account still unavailable as of June 13.

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    With the Doc’s latest statement in mind, fans and critics alike are waiting with bated breath for an explanation for the “mishap.”

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