Ninja reveals why he doesn’t care about his sub count anymore


Uber-popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has opened up about his recent stint of not streaming, explaining why he thinks it’s a good thing to take a break from the spotlight and why he doesn’t care too much about his sub count anymore. 

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Before returning for a quick nine-hour stream on January 28, it had been a week since Ninja had been live on Twitch – running only one rerun in that time.

While his fans missed his daily streams, the 27-year-old had been taking a break by spending time on vacation with his wife – Jessica ‘JGhosty’ Blevins – as well as his parents. However, he did have time to return, briefly, to play some Fortnite with his pals Tim ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar and Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop.

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NinjaNinja has become the face of Twitch in the last 12 months.

Upon his brief return to streaming, Ninja spoke about taking time away from Twitch, stating: “So, I’m just really so much more relaxed man. After having the year that I did, I don’t stress out too much about sub count anymore, like, at all. I know what I’m capable of when I have the time to stream as much as possible. You know, doing those twelve to fourteen-hour streams.”

“There are other things that are coming up right now. I didn’t live my life last year man, I was a slave to the stream grind and I don’t regret it whatsoever but it’s nice to be able to do just a little bit of R&R.”

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It’s a slight change in attitude from Ninja who admitted in his ESPN interview last September that he had worries about not streaming – especially when it came to doing something big.

“When I’m not streaming, I have time to reflect on all the growth, and I don’t like that,” Ninja told ESPN’s Elaine Teng in his ESPN The Magazine interview. “I’m like, ‘I haven’t played a celebrity in a while. I haven’t done something big in a while. Is it because I’m slowing down?’”

More recently, Ninja stated on stream – on January 15 – that had become annoyed by people looking for the ‘next big thing’ on Twitch, even though he, at the time, had been sitting pretty at the top. 

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No longer being too concerned about his sub count is certainly a change for Ninja but he has achieved more than many streamers ever will – and he seems pretty happy in doing so.