Ninja offers to buy Cold Ones podcast host new Yeezys after break-in

Unsplash / Twitter: @Ninja

During the December 22 Drama Alert video, host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem revealed that Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins offered to pay for a Cold Ones podcast host’s stolen Yeezy shoes after their studio was broken into and robbed.

The Cold Ones podcast first launched on YouTube in 2018, and is hosted by Chad ‘Anything4views’ Roberts and Max ‘maxmoefoe’ Stanley. The show’s studio was broken into on December 21, where the thieves stole thousands of dollars in goods.

However, during the latest Drama Alert, KEEMSTAR announced that Fortnite legend Ninja had stepped up to buy a pair of Yeezys for the host after he revealed they had been taken in the break-in.

YouTube: Cold OnesThe Australian-based podcast first launched in 2018.

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Ninja offers to buy Yeezys for Cold Ones podcast host

Anything4views informed his followers on social media that their studio space had been broken into, where thousands of dollars of equipment had been taken. “Office was robbed, 20k in stolen s**t… delay on podcast maybe…” he tweeted.

The YouTuber had listed that expensive tech items such as cameras and laptops would not be covered by their insurance, citing that the door had not been “locked properly.”

However, Chad also revealed that the criminals had taken off his with Yeezy shoes that he bought as a Christmas present for co-host Maxmoefoe, and tagged creator Kanye West and asked if he could send him a new pair.

Twitter: @anything4viewsThe YouTuber was especially pissed that they stole his Yeezys.

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Despite the awful situation, KEEMSTAR revealed during the latest Drama Alert that streaming legend Ninja was in talks with the YouTube podcast host about the stolen Yeezys.

“I’m in a private group chat with a bunch of big YouTube celebrities. And Ninja and anything4views are in there,” he said. “Chad was talking about how he bought a special pair of special Yeezys for maxmoefoe for Christmas, and that was the thing that was hurting him because he couldn’t give a gift to his friend.”

However, the Drama Alert host then revealed while clapping that the Fortnite streamer had offered to replace the shoes free of charge. “And Ninja offered to buy him a brand new pair. So I just wanted to say good guy Ninja!” he said.

(Timestamp 03:01 for mobile users.)

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Ninja revealed in December that he had a partnership with Adidas – the same company that makes Kanye West’s Yeezys – making it a generous hook-up from the streamer.

As of the time of this article, the Mixer star continues to crush it, amassing over 2.7 million on the Microsoft streaming platform.