Ninja enlists help of Fiverr’s Voice Over Pete for new stream sub notification

Popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite legend Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has called for the help of Fiverr actor Voice Over Pete, in the hopes of creating a meme-worthy advertisement for his livestream.

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Ninja tagged the actor in a Tweet on November 7, asking Pete to create a video advertising Twitch Prime subscriptions to his channel.

“Yo, Voice Over Pete, I will get this Victory royale dub,” Ninja Tweeted. “If you do an, ‘ATTENTION! Ninja needs your prime sub!’”

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His post didn’t go unanswered: Voice Over Pete actually responded to Ninja’s request in another Tweet, hinting at a possible collaboration between the two.

“Today I wake the sun up and say shine, this is the dawn of a new age when titans meet as friends,” Pete wrote. “Ninja, you, sir, shall have your meme production. We shall meet on the battlefield. Let the games begin! Okay, this IS EPIC. OMGG”

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Ninja’s post follows news of Pete’s sudden ban from Fiverr, an online collective for freelance services. Pete was banned from the platform for a Fortnite-themed video he had been paid to create, which jokingly asked for viewers’ credit card information.

Pete addressed his ban in a humorous YouTube video, where he revealed that Fiverr hadn’t even refunded pending orders for his services. Instead, the site limited the funds for use on Fiverr, alone. 

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Pete is now looking for ways to expand his opportunities in the wake of his ban, and will even start his own Twitch channel, where he will play Ninja’s game of choice: Fortnite.

Pete has since ceded to Ninja’s request, and created an ‘epic’ video to help advertise the streamer’s channel. Check it out below:

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