Nikita Dragun reveals what she’d say to Dave Chappelle amid Netflix controversy

Virginia Glaze
Nikita Dragun responds to Dave Chappelle Netflix comments

YouTube star Nikita Dragun has responded to the backlash surrounding comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, ‘The Closer,’ and his comments on the transgender community.

Comedian Dave Chappelle is currently at the center of controversy after the release of his Netflix special, ‘The Closer,’ due to comments he made during the show regarding the transgender community.

Chappelle’s comments have sparked outrage online and even prompted a walkout from hundreds of Netflix employees, but co-CEO Ted Sarandos has firmly maintained that the platform will continue to air his special in spite of the backlash.

On October 28, paparazzi caught up to Nikita Dragun, a transgender influencer who is known for her beauty videos and humorous content. When asked about her take on Chappelle’s ongoing controversy, the beauty guru claimed she would “always stand with my trans sisters.”

Dave Chappelle Netflix The Closer
Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, The Closer, saw the comedian comment on the transgender community, among other topics.

Nikita Dragun responds to Dave Chappelle Netflix controversy

“We have to stand up for each other, you know?” she said. “I’m always gonna be with my trans girls. Always.”

When asked what she would say to Chappelle regarding his statement on the transgender community, Dragun appeared open to speaking with him, saying she would help educate the comedian regarding trans rights and issues.

Nikita Dragun filming a YouTube video
Nikita Dragun is an influencer with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms.

“I would just help educate him,” she answered. “We all kind of need education about a lot of different topics, and I think trans is such a big topic, obviously, that I represent, that I know personally.”

“For me, I would just sit down and say what’s up, and I would come at a point of understanding,” she added.

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Chappelle has spoken out regarding the response to his Netflix comedy special, and claims he is “more than willing” to meet with the transgender community to discuss the matter, under the condition that attendees watch his show “from beginning to end.”