Logan Paul & Mike Majlak get into fight with fan who insulted them outside Hollywood party

YouTube: The Daily Stardust

YouTubers Logan Paul and Mike Majlak got into a fight with a fan, who called them a rude name outside of a Hollywood party they were attending. 

The popularity Logan Paul has gained over the years from his bombastic YouTube videos, viral Pokémon unboxing streams, and his budding boxing career have given the creator celebrity status to some fans. Due to this, when Paul is spotted out in public, viewers rush to him for pictures and autographs.

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When Logan and his IMPAULSIVE co-host Mike Majlak were met by a crowd of admirers outside of a Hollywood party recently, things got physical when a fan called Paul “p***y” after he refused to give them an autograph.

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on ImpaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive
Logan Paul and Mike Majlak co-host the Impaulsive podcast together.

Logan Paul fight

Outside of the party, members of the public began hounding the YouTubers with questions as the duo stood in front of a crowd that was urging Logan to give out his signature.

The creators stood there ignoring the comments until one of the fans in the crowd yelled: “Are you a p***y or what?” Logan quickly turned towards the supposed fan, showing that he was extremely unhappy with the comment as he walked towards him.

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The man attempted to retreat from the creator, but the YouTuber-turned-boxer grabbed his arm and forced him to turn around, seconds before hitting the fan in the side of the head.

As the fan tried to push the YouTuber away from him, Logan followed the man and punched him a second time. Shortly after, Majlak intervened as he moved Paul to the side and moved the heckler away himself.

Seconds after Majlak joined in on the fight, someone who appeared to be a member of their security grabbed the man who had made the comment and took him away from the scene.

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It’s unclear whether or not either of the YouTubers were under the influence when the altercation took place, and both have yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing.

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