Nikita Dragun arrested after alleged nude pool incident at Miami hotel

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Nikita Dragun arrested Miami hotel pool incident

Influencer Nikita Dragun has reportedly been arrested on charges of felony battery after allegedly walking around nude at a hotel pool in Miami and pouring water on a police officer.

Nikita Dragun is a popular influencer on multiple social media platforms, although she’s best known for her beauty-related content on YouTube, where she boasts 3.5 million subscribers.

According to reports from TMZ, the 26-year-old social media star was arrested in Miami, Florida after walking around a pool at the Goodtime Hotel in the nude.

Reports state that security at the hotel told officers that Nikita had been causing a disturbance for an extended period of time near the pool area.

Law enforcement also stated that Nikita had allegedly disregarded orders to cease the disturbance, and even reportedly flung water on members of the hotel’s staff before going up to her room.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they went up to Dragun’s room, where loud music was being played. After being made aware of the situation, reports claim that she slammed the door shut before opening it again and asking security, “Do you want more?”

Dragun then allegedly sprayed water on an attending police officer and security guard from an open water bottle, which ultimately prompted her arrest.

Nikita Dragun charged with felony battery on a police officer

According to reports, Nikita was charged with felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor battery. She is currently being held at Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with a bond of $5,000.

Nikita shared footage of herself being handcuffed in Miami to Instagram on Saturday, November 5, although she did not specify the incident that led to her arrest in the post. It is unclear if this post is related to her recent arrest.

“THE DOLLS RUN THE WORLD,” she captioned her post. “Mami I’m sorry. I promise I am not in jail… anymore. You know The Dolls causing trouble trouble in Miami sister. The only place La Dragona can be treat[ed] like a real princesa.”

It’s been a while since Nikita was in the news; previously, the star was accused of “copying” her brand of press-on nails from a small business, sparking backlash against the influencer.

Nikita has posted no further information regarding the incident to her social media accounts since her arrest at the time of writing.

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