Nikita Dragun accused of copying new beauty product from small business

Nikita Dragun taking a selfieInstagram: nikitadragun

A small business has accused YouTuber Nikita Dragun of copying their product with her new press-on nail collab with Makartt.

26-year-old Nikita Dragun is an influencer best known for her YouTube channel, where she posts videos about makeup and beauty to her 3 million subscribers.

In early June, small business Scandal Beauty, which sells press-on nails, uploaded a TikTok in which they compared a set of their nails, with the ‘Scandal Press-Ons’ set that was released as part of Nikita’s collab with beauty company Makartt.

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“We heard there are some new scandal nails on the market,” they wrote in the on-screen caption. “Oh, how interesting. She actually placed an order from us not too long ago.”

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They included a screenshot of a purchase from someone calling themselves Nikita Dragun from LA 8 months prior.

Scandal Beauty then compared the two sets of nails, showing the difference in the number of nails and sizes provided, the color of the nails, and more. They also attempted to snap both nails to test the durability, with only the Makartt nail breaking.

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“We can’t wait to see her rocking these on the red carpet,” they added, referring to Nikita’s collab.

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The video has garnered over 220,000 likes and 1.2 million views since it was posted, and viewers flooded the video with comments about the video comparing the two nail sets.

“Yours looks 100% better,” one comment with 28,000 likes read. “Not Nikita getting dragged,” said another with over 20,000.

Another user wrote: “Maaaybe she could’ve gotten away with it cuz it’s just a simple black french, but the fact she ordered and named it the same is a dead giveaway.”

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So far, it appears as though Nikita and Makartt have yet to respond to the video from Scandal Beauty.

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