NICKMERCS shuts down CouRage’s Apex Predator rank celebrations: “Got carried”

apex legends with nickmercs and courageNICKMERCS / CouRage

100 Thieves co-owner Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has finally hit Apex Legends Predator rank, but NICKMERCS isn’t buying into the hype.

Having joined fellow creators TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and Cloakzy in taking a break from Warzone, CouRage has decided to take ranked play to a new level. This time, pushing for Masters’s rank and now Apex Predator.

Unfortunately for Jack, after he announced his achievements on Twitter, people started commenting under his post about how he didn’t really deserve it, attempting to invalidate his skills.

Among those ‘haters,’ is actually his fellow Warzone teammate Nick, who has claimed CouRage was carried by his teammates NiceWigg and Tannerslays.

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NICKMERCS responds to CouRage hitting Predator

After reading a comment in-stream regarding CouRage’s reactions since reaching Apex Predator rank, the leader of the MFAM had this to say: “Yeah, I don’t know. I love Jack, I really do. But I don’t care if I’m on stream or if it’s him and me sipping a drink, I’m gonna tell him. He got carried.”

Continuing on, Nick says: “I don’t care. I’ll tell him,” showing that even though they are friends, he’s not hesitant to tell him how he feels – even if CouRage doesn’t think he was.

CouRageJD claps back

When you’re in the spotlight the way CouRage is, there are bound to be people ‘hating’ on you and tearing down any accomplishment you manage to achieve. It seems he’s had enough now, too.

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In his original tweet announcing his rank achievement, the YouTube streamer stated: “To the thousands of people who have tweeted me I got carried and that I’m not good enough to get Predator, you’re all trash.

“Spend more time getting better at the game instead of chirpin.”

Not to mention this tweet a few hours later, where he brags about his ranking.

Apex Legends Reddit users respond

The streamer’s original tweet made it to the Apex Legends subreddit, where a screenshot of was posted and members of the subreddit questioned his skills.

This sparked a little bit of anger in CouRage, as he then posted a tweet explaining his path to Predator.

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In the tweet, he said: “Got the first Reddit hate thread of my career. Here is my response,” with two pictures of text explaining how he made it to Predator rank.

CouRage goes on to state in his pictures: “So, this season I deliberately took it upon myself to solo queue and shot call all my games to help me understand the game better. I literally didn’t earn a single point from High Predator with a full squad. Anyone that watched my stream or kept up with the tweets of my off-stream gameplay would know that.”

The streamer continues talking about how he has been playing with NiceWigg and Tannerslays, before finally admitting that he was carried to Diamond 4 rank.

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So, maybe CouRage might have been carried to predator halfway, and he definitely had help from pretty talented people. One thing is for certain, though… He’s not going to let anyone take it away from him.