Apex Legends mod adds classic Titanfall weapons into the Battle Royale

Apex Legends TitanfallRespawn Entertainment

A dataminer has shown off a set of classic Titanfall weapons inside Apex Legends, including the Sidewinder, Archer, and Smart Pistol.

After the well-recieved addition of the Rampage LMG in Season 10 of Apex Legends, there’s always more room for new weapons. And, since Apex has its roots in Titanfall, there are already lots of Titanfall-inspired guns in the BR.

Of course, the devs are limited in some senses as a number of Titanfall’s guns simply wouldn’t be balanced in a battle royale setting.

However, the only way to find out is for players to test them out in-game for themselves, which is now possible using a fanmade mod.

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Although some of the textures and graphics look a bit strange in places, it gives fans a great indication of how a Titanfall weapon would function in the Apex Games.

Apex Legends TitanfallRespawn Entertainment
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Dataminer shows off iconic Titanfall weapons in Apex Legends

Dataminer and Apex Legends YouTuber Garretleaks has showcased a set of iconic Titanfall weapons in Apex Legends. While there’s certainly no guarantee these guns will ever be added to the game, the video offers a good indication of how they would perform and interact in a battle royale setting.

Garret started off with the Archer, an anti-titan missile launcher that locks onto targets and deals huge damage. While extremely slow to fire, in Apex it would offer huge area of effect damage and down any enemies from full health with a direct hit.

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Next, he tests out the Sidewinder, another weapon that was solely designed to take out titans in Titanfall. With the ability to shoot mini-rockets that deal splash damage, this would definitely be an interesting addition to Apex’s arsenal of weapons.

Finally, Garret shows off everyone’s favorite weapon from the Titanfall series, the Smart Pistol. With the ability to lock onto enemies at will, this would no doubt frustrate a lot of the Apex community if it ever made it into the BR. Keep in mind, in the video he uses the P2020 model for the smart pistol as there are no assets in the files that allow Garret to display the weapon’s original appearance.

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It’s unlikely that any of these weapons will ever make it into Apex Legends, but as they’re still in the game files, there’s always the option if Respawn thinks they’ll fit well into the meta.

There’s no denying that it would be incredibly fun to strafe with the Smart Pistol and not even have to aim to hit your shots, but it probably wouldn’t go down well with the player on the receiving end.

Despite this, there are a host more Titanfall weapons Respawn could turn to in the future, let’s just hope it’s not one that can auto-lock onto targets.

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