Dr Disrespect wrecks small streamer after finding out they play his music

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Dr Disrespect’s streams are always full of donations and special messages from fans, but after hearing one small streamer plays his music non-stop during broadcasts, the Two-Time reeled off one of his classic roasts. 

The streamer has been bouncing between a number of first-person shooters in recent times, diving into Apex Legends, Warzone, and others for his viewers to enjoy.

While playing, he’s one of the most interactive internet personalities when it comes to speaking to fans, replying to donation messages all stream long. However, those messages are not always what he wants to hear, and he turns a few into cheeky jokes from time to time.

Unfortunately for this small streamer, they caught Doc in a funny mood.

Dr Disrespect Vertical Battle RoyaleYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect is known to have a bit of banter with members of the Champions Club.

Dr Disrespect wrecks streamer after donation

This time, the Two-Time gets a $5 donation from a viewer and reads: “Doc I’m playing your music all month on stream” before reading off the donator’s name.

Without a missed beat, Dr Disrespect snaps back with a classic roast: “Well I hope you and your two viewers like it.”

While laughing, he continues: “Hey Zachary, I’m joking. Hey Zach. Come back man! HEY ZACH! I’m jokin man”

While some viewers may think it’s a little harsh to reply in this way to a donation, there’s a good chance him cracking a joke about the message will have been just what the viewer wanted. Vintage Doc.

Dr Disrespect’s music career

It’s not exactly a secret that Dr Disrespect has his hand in more than one thing. Between the production of his stream, being the entertainer, and making his own gaming studio — he is a master of multiple things.

He doesn’t do it all by himself though, because the music labeled with his name on it isn’t actually created by him. His partner in music is an electronic artist by the name of J+1.

Even though these songs are put together by another musician and not Guy Beahm himself, they are still accompanied by his iconic animations.

Dr Disrespect has 5 songs available on his YouTube channel, with the latest one just a couple of months old.