NICKMERCS says Hasan is “dead to him” after comments on Dr Disrespect’s marriage

Meera Jacka
NICKMERCS cuts ties with Hasanabi over a comment made to DrDisrespect

NICKMERCS has cut ties with Hasan, stating that the streamer is “dead to him” over a comment made to Dr Disrespect amid the Pride Month controversy.

As one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, NICKMERCS has been making headlines recently — only it’s not for his usual shooter games or battle royales.

The streamer found himself in the midst of controversy after posting a tweet in response to a Pride Month protest. He has been heavily criticized on social media and had his operator bundle removed by Call of Duty after stating “They should leave little children alone”.

Given the divisive nature of the situation, many have been critical of the popular content creator, while others, like TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect, have publicly shown support for their close friend.

Now the controversy is continuing in a new direction, with NICKMERCS cutting ties with fellow streamer HasanAbi over a comment the latter made to DrDisrespect while the saga was escalating.

Following Call of Duty’s removal of NICKMERCS’ bundle, DrDisrespect uninstalled the game in solidarity.

But Hasan was not supportive of this move, reacting to the decision by saying: “He’s more loyal to NICKMERCS’ having his skin [in the store] than his own wife.”

Now NICKMERCS has clapped back, coming to DrDisrespect’s defense by declaring in his return stream that Hasan is “dead to him.”

NICKMERCS alleges he privately messaged Hasan to confirm that he would be cutting ties with the streamer.

“Have your opinions; we can agree to disagree, you can say the things you want to say of course,” NICKMERCS explained. “But it’s the guy’s anniversary, and you’re saying s*** like that?”

NICKMERCS received a lot of support in his chat for the decision. Fans praised the streamer for not letting Hasan’s comment fly, with one commenting “[Hasan] needs to be canceled [to be honest]”.

Others were less impressed by the controversy, and even called into question the legitimacy of the drama.

“Anything to make them money,” one commenter posted. Another said, “So dramatic. Y’all adults [laughing out loud].”

For now, it seems NICKMERCS remains unbothered, making it clear he is unaffected by the loss of Hasan’s friendship.

“I know he’s not going to lose any sleep over our relationship or anything man, I’m not either,” NICKMERCS said in regards to cutting off the streamer.

Hasan has yet to respond to NICKMERCS’ latest comments on stream, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the story continues to progress. For more streamer and entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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