Dr Disrespect uninstalls CoD and demands apology to NICKMERCS for removing skin

Dr Disrespect playing WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has sided with NICKMERCS over Call of Duty’s decision to remove his operator skin due to the FaZe co-owner’s controversial comments.

Activision shocked the internet on June 9 by removing NICKMERCS’ operator skin bundle from the store in the wake of comments he made about recognizing Pride Month in schools.

While the community has been split on the decision, with some siding with the FaZe star and others agreeing with CoD’s actions, Dr Disrespect has voiced his support for NICKMERCS.

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During a recent YouTube broadcast, the two-time uninstalled Call of Duty as a form of boycott and urged the company to issue an apology to the fellow streamer for their actions.

Dr Disrespect uninstalls CoD over NICKMERCS skin removal

According to Doc, NICKMERCS is a “great representation” of streamers and applauded him for getting his own skin in CoD to begin with.

“That’s a tough one. For what again?” he said. “So, what I gotta do, what we gotta do, is uninstall the game number one. Don’t be mistaken, this year’s Call of Duty is the worst in its franchise, but that decision by CoD’s PR marketing team, I’ll tell you right now, that’s a tough one to digest.”

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Dr Disrespect went on to add that CoD needs to either “publicly apologize to him or reinstate his bundle.” Otherwise, the two-time won’t even “consider” playing Call of Duty again.

“That’s where I’m at. That’s an embarrassing one, man,” the banned Twitch streamer sighed.

“That’s one thing. I’ll talk awards, we’ll talk sports. These are the topics we’ll talk about, but one thing we won’t talk about is politics. These people online, they’re extreme one way and the other way. We don’t have time. We’re here to put on a show.”

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The decision by Doc to uninstall CoD comes amid numerous players are quitting the game, citing poor decisions by the devs with the NICKMERCS skin removal being the last straw.

That said, NICKMERCS’ first statement following the removal of his Operator skin hasn’t mirrored the backlash from the community. He instead thanked those who have supported him and stood by his original statement.

Whether or not this will affect the next game’s sales, however, remains to be seen.

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