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NetNobody teases Twitch move, labels YouTube “clowns” after strange ban

Published: 3/Dec/2019 14:03

by Andy Williams


Adam ‘NetNobody’ Dahlberg has hit out at YouTube amid receiving a three month ban after watching content permitted on the platform during a livestream.

NetNobody, formerly known as ‘Sky Does Minecraft,’ initially gained popularity for his Minecraft series on YouTube. After amassing a following of almost 12 million subscribers, Dahlberg expanded his horizons and switched alias on his primary channel to ‘Sky Does Everything.’

Dahlberg now posts a variety of videos to his main channel, while also managing his second channel — NetNobody. The latter was initially used to post music videos, yet the American has since adopted the alias for social media and streaming purposes.


Vevo (YouTube).Dahlberg has produced a series of music videos on YouTube.

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While NetNobody played his part in the Sidemen War with a series of ‘diss tracks,’ the content creator has since focused on producing gaming videos while streaming to Google’s video-sharing platform. 

After Twitch has received its time in the spotlight over a series of ‘bias bans’ highlighted by PaymoneyWubby, its rival platform are now under fire from one of their most loyal creators. 

Dahlberg has been posting content on Youtube since 2011. Meaning that the 26-year-old is all too familiar with the platform’s Terms of Service.  

However, following a livestream, NetNobody quickly realized that he had been served a three-month ban after watching Sword Art Online Abridged during his broadcast.


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After explaining the nature of the ban, Dahlberg added: “This is why YouTube will never be taken seriously for streaming.”

The American followed up his initial Tweet with a subsequent post, which hinted towards a potential for him to jump ship after taking the lengthy ban on the chin.

Absolute clowns, banning people on their platform for literally supporting their platform,” NetNobody posted. “Alright guys, who am I switching to?”

When prompted on whether he’d be willing to up-sticks to Twitch, Dahlberg responded with: “I guess I may have to.”

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NetNobody’s ban comes as streaming platforms appear to be making more of an active effort in clamping down on their Terms of Service.


However, based on the accounts provided by Dahlberg, it appears that he was well within the confines of guidelines put in place by YouTube. 

We will continue to update you on this story as more unfolds.