Nessa Barrett responds to Sunny Malouf’s new single about Josh Richards

. 2 years ago
Instagram: Nessa Barrett/Josh Richards/Sunny Malouf

Singer Sunny Malouf has left fans – and Nessa Barrett – reeling after releasing a shock single about a 2019 summer romance with Barrett’s boyfriend, fellow TikToker and singer Josh Richards.

Malouf’s highly anticipated single, entitled ‘Disposable’, has finally been released to most major streaming services, with a release to Spotify pending. She made the song in collaboration with music producer Tre Wright and her mentor – former boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The 16-year-old previously said in an interview with The Teen Magazine that there would be no music video accompanying the track, as Malouf emphasized that she wanted people to “focus on the lyrics of the song”.

Now, in a series of videos posted to her social media platforms, the former Team 1o member has shed some further light about what the song is about – and made a shocking revelation.


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She said in a video on Instagram: “I wrote this song because I was left heartbroken. I had a fling in the summer of 2019 with a guy and then he ghosted me. He left me for another girl.”

Explaining that her experience is “something so many girls go through”, Malouf explains that this song is “her story”.

“If you really want to understand what I went through, listen to ‘Disposed’,” she said.

In this Instagram video, which was released on Wednesday 16 December, Sunny teased in the description that “the truth” would be revealed on Friday.

In turn, it seems that the musician has certainly delivered on that promise, as on Friday 18 December she uploaded a TikTok entitled: “Exposing who I wrote my song about”.

In this video, Sunny revealed some shocking news: “I wasn’t going to reveal who this song was about, but this is my story. This song is about Josh Richards.”

“I’m not afraid to say he left me heartbroken,” Malouf continued.

TikTok star Josh Richards, 18, has been in an on-0ff relationship with fellow social media star, Nessa Barrett, since the start of 2020. However, speculation about the two had been rife since mid-2019 and reach fever pitch that August, where Richards admitted in a Q&A that he had a crush on Barrett.

Could this then mean that Barrett is the mystery girl that Richards ended his fling with Malouf for?

Either way, the TikTok star has made it clear that she is unimpressed with the revelation. When TikTok drama page TikTok room reposted Malou’s revelation, Barrett commented on their post saying: “lol what [sic]”.

Has the drama surrounding this song only just begun?

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