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Joe Rogan mocks Jake Paul for Dillon Danis prank and predicts fight

Published: 19/Dec/2020 13:24

by Georgina Smith


Podcaster Joe Rogan has reacted to a video of Jake Paul pranking pro fighter Dillon Danis with water balloons, mocking him for speeding off instead of fighting, and weighing in on the YouTuber’s chances against Danis.

Following the announcement that Logan Paul will be fighting Floyd Mayweather this coming February, conversation has amped up surrounding influencer boxing, particularly over the Paul brothers’ strengths and weaknesses as boxers.

Jake Paul recently beat Nate Robinson, knocking him out in just two rounds, though Robinson’s performance has been widely criticized, and people are hesitant to see it as a true reflection of Jake’s capabilities.


Jake Paul Conor McGregor $50m Offer
Jake Paul
Jake Paul flattened Nate Robinson in their November boxing bout.

Joe Rogan was one to defend the brothers against criticism of their abilities in episode 1580 with Andrew Schulz, saying “You’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. I know those guys like to troll. But Jake and his brother are legitimate tough guys.”

However, it wasn’t all praise for Jake, as in the same episode Joe went on to roast the social media star for his response after pranking Danis with water balloons.

They pulled up the clip on screen, showing Jake driving by Danis in the middle of an interview. He shouts “look, it’s Conor McGregor’s b**ch right there!” before lobbing water balloons in his direction.


Joe Rogan reacts to Jake Paul prank

“How did he know he was gonna be there,” Rogan said. “But then he sped away! Dillon Danis ran up to him and he sped away. Why didn’t he get out and fight him?”

He went on to say “let me tell you something. If Dillon Danis gets a hold of you, you’re gonna get your arms broken, you’re getting your neck strangled off.” It’s clear that he holds Danis in high esteem, saying, “Dillon Danis is a world class grappler. Top of the food chain.”

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Rogan claims that the reason Jake didn’t fight the pro fighter after the prank is because “there’s no boxing gloves,” saying “it’s a whole different world son.” He seems highly skeptical of Jake’s chance of winning, but begrudgingly says “he might be able to.”


It seems as though next year could be a busy one for the Paul brothers, as well as the whole cast of fighters the pair have challenged to fights over the recent months.