Nessa Barrett responds to rumors of dating Olivia Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend Zack Bia

Nessa Barrett shuts down Zack Bia dating rumors olivia rodrigoYouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live, ELLE

TikTok star and music artist Nessa Barrett has debunked rumors from fans that claimed she was secretly dating Olivia Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend, Zack Bia.

Nessa Barrett is a high-profile TikTok star and budding music artist, most recently celebrating the launch of her latest album, ‘Young Forever,’ in October.

As a bonafide internet celebrity, fans are always curious about her relationship status, especially after her unexpected split from ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler over the summer.

For now, it looks like Nessa is decidedly single, although fans did peep her supporting Hossler at a recent concert — but now, they’re convinced she’s got something going on with Zack Bia, instead.

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Bia is a notable DJ and socialite who dated Gen-Z pop icon Olivia Rodrigo for several months up until August 2022, when they amicably parted ways due to reported conflicts in their professional lives.

Nessa Barrett shuts down Zack Bia dating rumors

Fans started to link Barrett and Bia after the two were spotted hanging out together in a few social media posts — not helped by Nessa tweeting out “Gemini” with a blushing face emoji, which they couldn’t help but notice is Bia’s astrological sign.

Unfortunately for shippers, this romance just isn’t meant to be. Nessa quickly shut down any rumors of her and Bia being together in a response to the TeaTokTalk Instagram page.

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“No, please, no,” she shot back. “Zach is my friend. Lmao no?”

teatoktalk nessa barrett response copyInstagram: teatoktalk

Fans are assuming that her response to the theories is legit, considering that she also misspelled Zack’s name — much to their apparent relief, if the comments section is anything to go by.

This latest news comes after Nessa opened up on even more rumors from her fanbase, which appeared to think that Jaden had cheated on her during their relationship.

While Nessa didn’t confirm or deny anything, she did appear to hint that some kind of infidelity was afoot on her ex’s end during their romance.

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