Nessa Barrett doesn’t want Josh Richards in any of her music videos

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Griffin Johnson Nessa Barrett Josh Richards

Nessa Barrett doesn’t ever want to have boyfriend Josh Richards in one of her music videos, the TikToker turned musician told Griffin Johnson, because of how much impact he’ll have on the music and the video.

Griffin Johnson has been friends with Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards for quite some time. Just recently, he sat down with the lovebirds and asked them all kinds of interesting questions about their relationship.

It started with light questions like “Is Josh good at being romantic?” and “What was your first impression of Josh?” Hilariously, Nessa didn’t hold back and roasted him for almost three minutes straight.

However, things got pretty deep at one point, too. Griffin asked Nessa if she’ll ever let Josh be in one of her music videos. She giggled at first, which led them to believe that she didn’t want him to be involved at all. 

But as it turned out, they were right. Nessa stunned them with what they considered to be a rational and well-thought-out response. Here’s what she had to say and the reason why she doesn’t want Josh to be in her music videos.

Nessa Barrett doesn't know she's dating Josh Richards
Josh and Nessa have been together for quite some time now.

“I don’t want people to associate the meaning behind my songs with his name,” said Nessa. “Once I release music, it’s not only my song anymore. It’s everyone else’s who listens to it. So, I want them to kind of listen to the song and relate it to their life. Not to listen to the song and put my life into it.”

“Damn. I was not expecting that,” laughed Griffin. “I was [completely absorbed] in it. So, I take it you and Josh are never going to collab on a song?”

“I’m just taking music very seriously,” she replied, alluding to the fact that her music career means a lot on a deeper level. Griffin and Josh burst out laughing at the thought that Josh is probably too much of a clown and will taint her work.

The relevant part of the video starts at 3:10.

In the end, though, it seems like they both understood her reasoning. Nessa cares a lot about her music, and it shows.

Fans also loved the chemistry between the three of them. They praised Griffin for making the video and hinted they’d love to see him do the same thing with other influencers, too. But we’ll have to wait and see whether that happens.

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