Dana White reveals how he saved Logan Paul from getting jumped at UFC 264

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Aug 09, 2021
Dana White reveals why he upgraded Logan Paul seats
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It’s no secret that Dana White isn’t exactly on good terms with the Paul brothers — but their grudge doesn’t seem to have stopped the UFC President from saving Logan from a potentially harmful situation.

The Pauls have long been attempting to get inside the octagon. Ever since their boxing debut in 2018, both YouTubers have made it their mission to harangue Dana White for a spot in the UFC… to little effect.

Instead, White has vehemently denied them a chance at grappling mixed martial artists in a professional circuit, even to the point of joking that they’d get “murdered” if they were ever to enter the UFC.

While Logan has since backed down from his public attempts at persuading White, Jake Paul has continued their beef up to the present day, slamming White’s most recent claims that Jake has “never fought anybody his size or anyone who is actually a boxer.”

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Logan Paul notably tried to convince Dana White to let him have a chance in the UFC following his boxing debut in 2018 – but White isn’t budging.

Despite this family feud, White knew that he couldn’t let Logan Paul sit with the general populace during UFC 264 last month. It’s no secret that the YouTube star boasts his fair share of critics — with one woman even spitting in his face just last year.

With this in mind, White upgraded Paul to the “Billionaire’s Row,” where major celebrities and other important figures — like former US President Donald Trump, for instance — can have a front-row seat for the action.

“He bought a bunch of tickets to the fight, and the tickets he bought were not tickets he’d want to sit in,” White explained during a podcast episode with YouTubers the NELK Boys. “He was going to get smashed. So I put him over in another section.”

To Logan’s credit, he has effectively removed himself from the Jake-Dana beef, stating during a past episode of his own podcast: “I’ve come out publicly and said I love Dana White, always have always will, he’s a ruthless businessman, the head honcho, but I’m not sure how he feels about me. By default, my relationship with my brother will always take precedence but, if I can be cool with someone I will.”

It seems that these two are on fairly good terms, for the moment… as long as Jake doesn’t continue to poke the bear.