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Myth reveals how he plans to claim Tfue’s top spot on Twitch

Published: 28/Oct/2019 1:56 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 5:14

by Isaac McIntyre


As one of the world’s biggest streamers, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has millions of fans and boasts the second most followers on Twitch. Now, he has eyes for the site’s top spot, and has revealed a cheeky plan to knock stream-king Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney off his perch.

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Following Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s shock move to rival streaming website Mixer last week, Myth found himself stepping straight into Twitch’s silver-spot behind Tfue, who himself claimed first place after Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins abdicated the throne on August 1.

After moving into second place, Myth seemed to set his eyes on the Twitch crown. The only problem is, Myth’s 5.5 million followers pale in comparison to Tfue’s platform-leading 7.1 million, all of which has been tracked by streaming analytics website TwitchMetrics.


Twitter: ShroudShroud’s shock move to Mixer fired Myth into second for Twitch followers.
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Kabbani took the time to celebrate his promotion to second-place after shroud’s departure, sharing that he was “now the second most followed Twitch streamer” on October 27, before attempting to set the wheels in motion for his cheeky plan.

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    Twitch: MythMyth is eyeing a move into Twitch’s top spot over current king Tfue.
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    With the 1.6 million-follower bridge potentially a hefty one to break down if he wanted to put his name atop the Twitch leaderboard, the Team SoloMid star instead called on the Microsoft-owned streaming company to make just one more move to help him out.

    “@WatchMixer get this Tfue guy the f*ck outta here for me,” Myth asked on Twitter, knowing if Tfue departed for Mixer he would have a clear path straight to the top. “Please, and thank you.”

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    The TSM star’s lighthearted jibe at Mixer and Tfue may have been in good fun, but streaming fans across the internet are already trying to puzzle out who Mixer may claim next.

    Superstar names like Imane ‘World of Warcraft personality Asmongold have been thrown around as potential choices, while Dr Disrespect told his followers to “do your damn research” before linking him to a cashed-up platform swap.

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      Whether or not Tfue, or any other major Twitch star for that matter, leaves their long-term tenure at Twitch for the new shores of Mixer, it seems the broadcasting platform has already achieved its aim — fans across the internet can’t stop talking about the website.

      And for Myth, the boost into second is an added bonus, and one he’s sure to take full advantage of as he continues to make the switch from Fortnite, into a full-fledged variety streamer.