Myth hilariously challenges shroud to boxing match after Valorant trash talk

Luke Edwards
Shroud and Myth streaming, separated by a lightning bolt.

TSM content creator Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani hilariously challenged Michael ‘shroud’ Grseziek to a fight after the former CSGO pro called him “TSM’s number one water boy.”

Perhaps one of the strangest developments in recent times is seeing content creators look to resolve feuds through boxing matches.

This most famously kicked off with the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing matches, the first of which had their respective brothers, Deji and Jake, on the undercard. It has since spurred both KSI and the Paul brothers to start full careers in the sport, with Logan set to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June.

However, as Fnatic were on the verge of defeating Korean side NUTURN in Valorant Masters, arguably the most unexpected battle yet was proposed: Myth challenged shroud to face him off in a fight for the ages.

Boxing battles have become a massive trend among content creators.

As shroud was co-streaming the VCT Masters 2 matchup between NUTURN and Fnatic, and with Fnatic at match point, Myth joined the voice chat to supply his knowledge to shroud’s viewers.

However, as soon as he joined, shroud couldn’t resist taking a dig at the Fortnite legend. “Oh here we go dude,” he said. “TSM’s number one f***ing water boy.”

But shroud couldn’t keep up the false hostility for long, as he instantly regretted the insult. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened to me man, but I just want to apologize,” he pleaded through laughter.

And Myth was rattled. “Listen here you son of a b*tch,” he shouted. “You’ve got one year, get in the gym, we’re gonna have Twitch’s first f***ing North American streamer boxing fight, I’m gonna punch you. Goodbye.”

Myth then promptly left the chat, leaving shroud and guests Hiko, Just9n, and n0thing in absolute hysterics.

While this was obviously just a joke, there’s little doubt fans would love to see a punch up between two of the most iconic content creators on Twitch. For what it’s worth, our money’s on Myth.

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