shroud pulls off insane 1v5 Valorant clutch to carry tarik’s team

an image of shroud wearing Sentinels jersey

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek pulled off an insane 1v5 clutch in Valorant while playing in Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik‘s team, shocking everyone live on stream.

It’s no news how crisp shroud‘s aim and game sense are, as all of his fans are familiar with his qualities all the way from his CS:GO days. He doesn’t fail to stun his viewers with his insane gameplay every now and then.

On April 7, he pulled off a heroic 1v5 clutch in a Valorant Premier match while playing for tarik’s team. The Canadian clutched the fourth round of the match in favor of his team, leaving everyone shocked.

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After the clutch, all of his teammates, including his former Cloud9 teammate Jacky ‘Stewie2K’ Yip, were completely in awe, with tarik commenting: “That was so insane!”

“They just threw that so hard, they didn’t shoot back”, shroud said. Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, who was also part of the team, said: “Is he back?”

Even tarik’s viewers were amazed at how flawlessly shroud clutched that round. Some of them even stated it as a “shroud moment.” A few fans said, “The king of Reddit is back!”

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As the cherry on top, he managed to get another ace in the very next round. The team won the match by a 13-7 scoreline, with shroud ending up with 22 kills, nine deaths, and four assists.

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