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MxR Plays “happy” with resolution reached after Jukin Media exploitation

Published: 18/Jan/2020 20:23

by Virginia Glaze


After being hit with a $3,000 bill for reacting to memes and clips purportedly owned by Jukin Media, YouTube duo “MxR Plays” have apparently reached an agreement with the company.

MxR Plays went viral after Tweeting out a bill owed to Jukin Media, an entertainment licensing group that charged them $3,000 for using a “single meme” in one of their ever-popular reaction videos.

Fearful that Jukin would strike down their channel due to copyright infringement, the YouTubers turned to social media for help, begging fans, viewers, and other content creators for advice in dealing with what they called “extortion” from the company.


Now, it seems that the parties involved have come to an agreement, as revealed by the duo in a video uploaded on January 16.

According to MxR Plays, both they and Jukin came to a resolution that they were “happy” with, although they couldn’t lay out the exact terms of their settlement publicly.

“They actually welcomed negotiation,” MxR claimed. “Which is a great thing, because we’re willing to work together. We had a talk and came to a resolution I’m very happy with, Jeanie is very happy with, Jukin is very happy with. I think, in the end, it all worked out.”


While the two claimed they’d be able to make videos going forward “how we want them” and “not have to worry,” they likewise spoke out against angry viewers who allegedly doxxed the personal information of Jukin employees in retaliation to their highly-publicized feud.

“Originally, what they did was unfair, but the part where people were getting doxxed… personal, private information of employees and the executive board of that company were being released,” Jeanie explained. “That part, we did not like, and were scared.”

Mxr Plays and girlfriend Jeanie pose for a photo.
mxr_mods, Instagram
YouTube duo MxR Plays have finally come to an agreement with Jukin Media, after being “extorted” by the company and threatened with losing their channel.

The couple went on to thank their fanbase for banding together in solidarity for their cause — one that has finally seen justice dealt in regards to YouTube’s oft-confusing copyright and Content ID systems that have plagued many content creators throughout the years.