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YouTuber charged $3,000 for using memes claims he’s being “extorted”

Published: 10/Jan/2020 11:41

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber MxR has claimed that a licensing company has been “extorting” his channel over the use of memes after getting hit with a major bill.

MxR, who has close to three million subscribers across their three YouTube channels, creates a variety of content that includes reaction videos, gameplay, and even game mod reviews. With their reaction videos, the YouTuber typically picks out memes from social media – with some being other YouTube uploads and viral clips.

Due to this, he has revealed on Twitter that Jukin Media, an entertainment licensing company, has struck him with another bill for around $3,000 and that he thinks he’ll have to pay otherwise his channel could be in danger of being struck down.

Prior to his tweets, the YouTuber and his co-host Jeanie, uploaded a video explaining their current situation, claiming that the company in question has been trying to “extort” them purely because they’ve paid their bill before. 

The content creators explained that the copyright system has been changed from license owners claiming a video and then receiving revenue to them issuing strikes and their own bills. As they’ve run into issues with Jukin previously, the pair noted that they’d removed clips from their videos and paid around $2,000 to the company – which they believe shows that they’re willing to pay and, therefore, they’ve been hit with larger sums.

“I feel like if they treated every YouTuber like this, tonnes of channels would be deleted right now,” he explained. “If you go on any YouTube channel, chances are like some f**king video on the internet played at some point, but they’re not going after them and taking them down. They’re going after us because I think we gave them money.” 

Jukin jumped into the comments section to make themselves heard, and also posted a screenshot of their comment on Twitter – explaining that their licensing is no different to people like Shutterstock and issues can be avoided by paying a membership fee. 

“You’re making money off of videos that don’t belong to you — our only goal here is to ensure that the rightful owners of the videos are compensated,” they tweeted. “We’re happy to talk and try to find a resolution that works for everyone.”

Twitter: JukinMediaThe full response from JukinMedia following MxR’s video.

Whether or not the two sides will be able to come to a resolution on the matter remains to be seen but it appears that there are certainly avenues for them to go down.

If not, the YouTubers revealed that they may have to make a change to their content, scrapping the use of some videos in their reactions in order to keep their channel going.


Fedmyster allegedly accuses Pokimane of “twisting the truth” to hurt him

Published: 25/Nov/2020 19:25 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 20:33

by Brent Koepp


A document allegedly featuring texts between former-Offline TV streamer Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys leaked online that accuses the Twitch star of taking their relationship out of context to hurt him.

In June, popular OfflineTV personality Fedmyster was accused of harassment and misconduct from several members of the content group. The shocking news rocked their community as the 25-year-old was removed from both the company and their house.

After months of silence, a document leaked online that claims Gaytan is accusing Pokimane of not telling the truth about their relationship. The file contains an essay allegedly written by him, as well as supposed text conversations between him and the Twitch star.

pokimane talking
Twitch: Pokimane
In June, Pokimane explained Fed’s behavior was a big reason she moved out of the OfflineTV house.

Fedmyster allegedly speaks out about Pokimane

On June 29, Pokimane addressed the Fedmyster allegations on stream, and explained that his behavior was a “big reason” she had moved out of the OfflineTV house. The star stated that 25-year-old had been sabotaging her relationship with other men, and had even kept her alienated from friends.

On November 25, a document appeared online that reportedly shows Gaytan accusing Pokimane of not giving proper context to their relationship. “Watching Poki talk about all the things I’ve done with little to zero context to the nature of our relationship hurt me pretty bad,” the leaked letter reads.

It also accuses the Twitch star of being untruthful. “I definitely did some unquestionable things and broke her trust, but there are some claims she makes about me, and herself that are either false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued,” it read. Streamers such as Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell reviewed the controversial file during their live broadcast for viewers.

While Pokimane has not fully responded to any of the claims, the Moroccan-Canadian personality told fans on her second Twitter account that she would be addressing the allegations during a Twitch stream on November 26.

pokimane tweet

The Google Doc also appears to contain multiple leaked private texts between the streamer and Pokimane. The content of the conversations are extremely personal. In the essay supposedly written by Gaytan, he defended posting the messages to “show specific context that was never given.”

At the time of writing, it’s not clear whether Fedmyster actually wrote the document, or if any of the content contained inside of is real. However, the file quickly went viral on social media, and kicked off a new firestorm surrounding the June situation.