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Joe Rogan and Bill Maher mock today’s “coddled” kids and “woke bullsh*t”

Published: 18/Jan/2020 18:10

by Daniel Cleary


Popular late-night TV host Bill Maher highlighted some of the major differences seen in people today compared to past generations during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on January 17.

In recent years, partly due to technological advancements and access to information, many parents have become increasingly protective of their children, which has led to some criticism over the effects it has on the newer generations.

Popular personalities Joe Rogan and Bill Maher explained their take on the matter highlighting how this new internet culture and “fragile, woke bullsh*t” has led to more people “coddling” their kids than ever.


Bill Maher is the host of the popular late-night TV show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher.’

After pointing out many different attitudes, surrounding tasks such as minding a child, that have changed over time, the pair explained that people were much softer in comparison to previous generations.

“People were just rougher,” Bill Maher expressed, “You and I walk the same path very often, we are progressives but we have short patience with some of the fragile, woke bullsh*t, some of that is just the way you’re brought up.”

The popular TV host also shared why many of the younger generations seemed to have become softer in recent years, “I think kids are coddled, you know? I think they’re indulged and that’s the reason why they freak out over microaggressions.”


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The two continued to go back and forth in agreeance, making references to their time growing up and the different levels of responsibility which kids had when they were younger.

“Getting to the dentist yourself, first of all, they don’t even let you do that today, they don’t let kids just be on their own.” Maher explained, “I wasn’t raised by bad people, people were just rougher, it was a rougher time.”

Although he felt that there were many things that had improved over recent years, the popular television host still felt that some of the “coddling” had gone too far, “I wouldn’t recommend these things exactly, although getting somewhere on your own isn’t the worst thing in the world, but a little more of that [is needed].”


However, Joe Rogan was a little more undecided than Maher expressing that it was difficult to compare some of the differences, claiming it was ‘two different worlds’ between now and then.