MrBeast teases ambitious Netflix series ideas: 10,000 contestants & adult animated show

Brad Norton
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Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is already planning for an ambitious jump to Netflix, with multiple large-scale projects that “would fit better” on the streaming platform than YouTube. From competitions involving 10,000 fans to violent animated shows, here’s what he has in mind.

While MrBeast is known for his YouTube content, having become one of the biggest personalities on the platform in recent years, the social media celeb isn’t afraid of new ventures beyond the Google-owned brand.

We’ve already seen him branching out with the likes of MrBeast Burger and Feastables, but now, it appears he has some lofty goals in mind for a completely new platform. Netflix is in his sights, he revealed during an appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast.

“We’re gonna do a Netflix show eventually,” he revealed. And although it’s seemingly early days yet, the popular figure already knows exactly what he wants to do on the platform best known for its binge-able shows.

“YouTube’s not great for episodic content,” MrBeast explained. “People go to Netflix to watch multiple episodes,” whereas YouTube is more focused on quicker bursts of content. Thus, a more complicated production requiring far more screen time than a 10-20 minute YouTube video would be better fit on Netflix, he claimed.

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MrBeast already has multiple ideas in mind for a possible Netflix deal.

One such production would be his biggest yet, easily trumping the number of contestants involved in the iconic Squid Game video. MrBeast hopes to “fill a stadium with 10,000 people” and film it over a “10 episode” series.

“Every episode we eliminate 10% of them. That would fit better on Netflix than YouTube.

“I have a bunch of episodic stuff like that I would love to do on Netflix because it’s just a better platform for it and I’d love to hit a new audience.”

Keeping the ball rolling, he then pitched another idea that takes existing videos and flips them on their head with adult twists. For instance, rather than flying 100 YouTubers to an island in real life and having them use paintball guns, a cartoon could instead feature real guns and thus, real violence.

(MrBeast discusses his Netflix show ideas at the 2:58:00 mark below)

“So it’s like an evil, Saw [version of] MrBeast,” he joked. “If someone doesn’t die, I just pick someone randomly. Whoever wins, wins the island.”

Whether we’ll see either of these ideas come to life in the near future remains a mystery for now. But given his confidence when discussing the projects, it seems all but certain we’ll see MrBeast jumping over to Netflix in the near future.

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