MrBeast sparks backlash for telling fans to ‘sabotage’ competitors for Feastables

Shay Robson
MrBeast in black shirt and grey hat looking at camera with one eye closed

MrBeast critics are furious with the YouTuber after he put out a call for his followers to help clean up displays and sabotage his competitors as he looks to take over the chocolate bar market with Feastables.

In early 2022, YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast‘ Donaldson unveiled a brand new project — his very own line of chocolate bars ‘Feastables’. Since its launch, it’s even made its way into almost every Walmart store across the U.S.

Feasatables was also set to have its own Super Bowl commercial announcing its latest flavor ‘Deez Nuts’ — although the YouTuber backed down, not wanting to spend millions of dollars to run the ad.

More recently, MrBeast asked fans to help to clean up displays in their local Walmart, and also move competitors out of the way while they’re at it. However, this has sparked backlash over the YouTuber’s call to action.

MrBeast Feastables ploy sparks outrage

After asking for help from his followers, some have of course taken part, causing others to hit out at the YouTube star, with some arguing he’s taking advantage of his fans. After he said, “while you’re at it if you want to maybe move some Hershey’s bars and make sure Feastables has plenty of space… I wouldn’t complain,” there were mixed responses.

“Mr. Beast just unlocked a new form of capitalism, I hate it here,” said one viral tweet.

“It’s fascinating to watch the stage of capitalism where people are honored to do free labor for rich people that don’t care about them because they feel some kind of connection and loyalty like a dog wanting a treat, only the treat is an imagined feeling of connection,” another user wrote in reply to MrBeast’s post.

“I’m totally going to mess with this guy’s stuff if I see it on the shelves,” another replied.

Despite the backlash from some, waves of fans have already begun helping out the YouTuber, with many sharing before and after pictures of the displays in their local store.

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