MrBeast removes GeorgeNotFound from Feastables ads amid sexual assault allegations

Josh Taylor
MrBeast / Feastables / GeorgeNotFound

MrBeast has removed GeorgeNotFound from promotional images for his popular chocolate brand Feastables after facing sexual assault allegations.

MrBeast has been busy promoting his popular chocolate brand Feastables as they have released a new and improved chocolate formula along with some fresh new flavors and branding.

As expected, they have proved wildly successful, with MrBeast even apologizing to fans after the chocolate bars were sold out in nearly every store. To help launch the products, they created several YouTube videos and partnered with different creators.

However, fans were quick to notice that Feastables has now edited their promotional content to remove their collaboration with GeorgeNotFound after his allegations surfaced.

MrBeast edits out GeorgeNotFound from Feastables content

On March 6, Feastables posted several images to their social media channels, such as Instagram, to show off the brand-new chocolate bars featuring MrBeast and numerous creators.

These included the typical MrBeast fan-favorites of Karl Jacobs, Chandler Hallow, Nolan hansen and Tareq Salameh.

MrBeast Feastables promotion including with and without GeorgeNotFound.
Original Feastables image posted to their socials including GeorgeNotFound and one without.

GeorgeNotFound was also a part of these promotional images, but the images have since been edited to remove the Minecraft YouTuber entirely.

This comes after GeorgeNotFound has been hit with sexual assault allegations, which many believe is the reason for him being taken out of all Feastables promotions.

MrBeast nor Feastables have confirmed the reason for why GeorgeNotFound was removed from the post.

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