MrBeast gives $10,000 to struggling restaurant for Keith Lee viral challenge

Keith Lee MrBeast award 10k to struggling restaurant 1Instagram: keith_lee125

YouTube star MrBeast awarded $10,000 to owners of a struggling Las Vegas restaurant as part of food reviewer Keith Lee’s viral challenge toward him.

MrBeast’s long-awaited collaboration with internet-famous food reviewer Keith Lee has finally come to fruition — and it’s sparking smiles all over social media.

For those out of the loop, Keith Lee is an MMA fighter-turned-TikTok star who uses his online fame to help struggling restaurants in the Las Vegas area where he lives.

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During his rise to stardom, he caught the attention of Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, YouTube’s most-subscribed independent creator and a big philanthropist (having just paid for 1,000 people’s cataract surgeries last week).

MrBeast finally collabs with Keith Lee in viral TikTok challenge

When he suggested that Keith review his line of Feastables chocolate bars, Keith hit him back with a strict condition: “You come out to Vegas, you help me find a struggling, family-owned business, and we make it an un-struggling family-owned business.”

It looks like MrBeast has held up his end of the bargain after uploading a video with Keith to TikTok on February 1, 2023.

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In preparation for their collab, Lee reviewed a total of ten restaurants and put them on an Instagram poll, giving fans the chance to vote for their favorites… and MrBeast gave the winner a huge reward.

In their collaborative video, MrBeast and Keith Lee chowed down on some tacos from Aloha Mamacita, a fusion restaurant based out of Las Vegas. After admitting that he’d only ever had Taco Bell, MrBeast couldn’t help but give the restaurant a 10/10.

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According to Lee, Aloha Mamacita took 1st place in his Instagram poll, raking in over 32,698 votes — and winning a whopping $10,000 from MrBeast, who handed them a silver suitcase with the cash in an emotional moment that had Lee choking up.

Now, it’s Keith’s turn to review MrBeast’s Feastables bars… but there’s no telling if his verdict will be the same as Chef Gordon Ramsay’s.