MrBeast reveals shocking insight into YouTube ad revenue made on latest high-budget video

Meera Jacka
MrBeast reveals shocking insight into YouTube ad revenue made on latest high-budget video

MrBeast has revealed he seemingly lost millions on his latest high-budget video, sharing insight into the ad revenue he makes on YouTube.

MrBeast is known for going all-out when it comes to his YouTube channel, often having a budget in the millions just for a single video.

Now the philanthropist and popular internet celebrity has shared with Twitter subscribers some insight into the ad revenue he makes back on YouTube.

And the numbers may just surprise you, with the YouTuber revealing he made just $167,000 on his latest high-budget video that cost $3 million to produce.

Muaaz, who goes by ‘mws’ on Twitter, makes daily posts about YouTube and Content Creation.

Recently they tweeted a screenshot MrBeast shared with his Twitter subscribers, revealing that the YouTuber made $167,000 off of a $3 million video.

“If you’re a creator, you should [definitely] tap in,” Muaaz tweeted, encouraging content creators to support one another and watch MrBeast’s video.

Titled Train Vs Giant Pit, the video showed multiple explosive “experiments” including setting off 100,000 fireworks inside a house and crashing a train full speed into a gigantic pit.

MrBeast, who allowed the information to be shared, was seemingly supportive and responded with, “If you’re a YouTuber and not subbed on Twitter, that’s an L.”

He previously spoke on the Colin and Samir podcast about the pressure of constantly pushing himself to improve his content and make bigger sets.

“The problem is I always push the videos to be better and so in a world where I’m like ‘alright, the is the level where it’s good’ then it would be fine,” MrBeast said. “It’s like, well now I want bigger sets… now I want Squid Games every video. My teams like ‘Look, bro, we can’t’. We can’t spend $4 million for every video.”

While the return on YouTube obviously doesn’t turn a profit for MrBeast, it’s worth keeping in mind potential income from sponsors. Partners promoted in the middle of MrBeast videos are certainly paying a pretty penny for the eyeballs on their brand or products. Though whether this is enough to offset production costs, is unclear for now.

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