Mr Beast considering running for U.S. President “one day”

Virginia Glaze
Mr Beast poses next to the American flag.

It’s election season in the United States, and with all the political talk and debate currently running rampant in the country, citizens are considering all manner of options for future leaders — including some internet superstars.

Following the Presidential debate on September 29, the discourse surrounding American politics is at an all-time high, drawing discussion from everyone, from the average Twitter user to even high-profile celebrities.

Putting his own two cents into the mix on social media was none other than YouTube star Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson, who is known for his charitable acts of kindness — which generally include giving away thousands of dollars to people in need.

From everything to tipping wait staff in actual gold bars to buying a pizza delivery driver an entire new house, there’s few things Mr Beast won’t do to make the world a better place, which is even stated in his Twitter bio.

Hoping to “make the world a better place before I die,” Mr Beast truly walks the walk and talks the talk — but could his penchant for philanthropy extend to political leadership?

In a surprising Tweet on September 29, the YouTuber expressed an interest in running for U.S. President, although he clarified that this would be sometime in the distant future, as he’s currently on 22 years old and “stupid.”

“Seeing how divided America is makes want to consider running for President one day (very far in the future, currently I’m stupid),” he wrote. “But I also have ‘6969420’ in my name atm from a Minecraft scavenger hunt, so I doubt anyone would ever take me serious lmao.”

Donaldson followed up his humorous Tweet with another joke that alludes to his habit of giving away cash: “Let’s just give everyone $1,000,000. That should fix most our problems!”

While it’s certainly true that money can solve quite a few issues for many people, running a country is an entirely different ball of wax; but thankfully, Mr Beast seems well aware of this fact, even though his intentions are in the right place.

Who knows? Maybe he will actually get into politics in the future, but for now, it’s just a thought — albeit an interesting one.

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