MrBeast claims he would run for President & some fans believe he’d win

Daniel Appleford

MrBeast expressed his interest in running for U.S. President if the age limit were lowered, sparking support from members of his community.

On July 6, MrBeast posted on X about potentially running for President if the age limit were lowered. The current minimum age to run for President is 35. This puts MrBeast almost a decade away from eligibility, as he’s only 26 years old.

“If we lower the age to run for President I’ll jump in the race,” stated MrBeast.

A majority of the comments beneath the post poked fun at the idea of MrBeast, a YouTuber, taking a seat in the Oval Office. Some even asked if he would still make videos if he were the head of the country.

MrBeast’s post comes after he uploaded a video on June 29, where he visited countries like El Salvador and Jamaica to build 100 houses for those in need. The video, which has over 75 million views at the time of writing, features a top comment saying “MrBeast for President,” with a staggering 242,000 likes.

Some fans seriously considered the possibility of MrBeast winning if he were eligible to run for President despite his ineligibility under the current age requirement.

“The funniest part about this is that you’d likely win,” said one commenter

However, not everyone felt that MrBeast would be a solid candidate for President. Multiple commenters expressed their doubts, ranging from simple “no” responses that hit deeper like questions such as, “Why would you make a good president? You’re just a YouTuber.”

Despite the attention, MrBeast is still a long way from being able to actually run for President. As one commenter put it, he would be “better off doing good things away from office” for now.

It’s hard to say whether or not MrBeast will still have a massive following in 12 years, but the floor will be open for him if he chooses to run then.